Desktop Application - Getting Started with ProctorFree

Desktop Application - Getting Started with ProctorFree

Before getting started with ProctorFree's Desktop Application be sure to review the Technical Requirements.

ProctorFree's Desktop Application is compatible with all major web browsers and does not require the user to have Java installed on their computer.

Upon accessing ProctorFree's Launch Portal based on your designated access path you will be prompted to select an available exam. If your institution participates in our student pay you will be prompted for payment before downloading the application. You will not be prompted for payment more than once per exam.

If this is your first time using ProctorFree you'll be provided a link to download the ProctorFree Desktop Application and installation instructions.

If you've previously downloaded and installed the ProctorFree Desktop Application it will launch and automatically, downloading and installing any updates as needed before beginning the System Check.
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