Desktop Application - Profiling / Authenticating

Desktop Application - Profiling / Authenticating

ProctorFree utilizes facial detection software as a means of authentication for your proctored session. We understand facial detection is still an emerging technology that many of our end users may not have encountered before. To help familiarize you with facial detection and utilizing it for authentication with ProctorFree's systems we've outlined some important information below.
If for any reason you experience issues creating your profile or authenticating, at any time, please be sure to reach out to the ProctorFree Support Team through our Live Chat located in the bottom right-hand corner of all ProctorFree webpages!

Before getting started
Before creating your profile or authenticating it's critical to make sure a few basic requirements are met. Our facial detection software will utilize your camera to create data points in our system. These data points are created utilizing some of your key facial features: eyes, nose, mouth, and jawline. To ensure a quality profile is created for quick and easy authentication for your proctored session, remaining still, positioning yourself correctly, and lighting are key!
  • Position yourself so that your face fills the oval, your chin should touch the bottom of the oval with the top of your forehead touching the top of the oval. The oval will turn green or red to indicate acceptable lighting.
  • Ensure your key facial features are evenly and well illuminated with minimal shadowing around your eyes, nose, mouth, and jawline.
  • Remove glasses for profiling and authenticating, you may wear glasses during your exam. However during the profiling and authenticating process glares and reflections can prevent correct mapping of your eyes causing difficulty to correctly authenticate.
  • Remove hats and pull back hair that may prevent clear visibility of your face or forehead.
  • Remain still throughout the process and focus your eyes roughly 1" above your camera. This helps to naturally open your eyes and improve the facial detection mapping process.
  • It's okay to smile! If you do smile during the profile creation process be sure to smile during the authentication process as well.
  • If for any reason you experience issues creating your profile or authenticating, or simply want help, please contact our support team and we'd be happy to assist!
Having issues with lighting?
  • We've found that the best lighting is natural light. Positioning yourself facing a window allows any sunlight to evenly illuminate your key facial features while eliminating shadowing potentially caused by overhead lighting.
  • Ensure lighting sources (windows, overhead lighting, lamps, or flashlights) are not directly visible within the camera capture window. Lighting sources located behind you may cause your camera to focus incorrectly preventing the minimum lighting requirements from being met.

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