Accessing ProctorFree

Accessing ProctorFree

Users of ProctorFree's services access them in one of three ways; through an integrated learning management system, logging in to ProctorFree's web portal, or through a custom integration with an institution's test delivery engine. If you're unsure of the appropriate method to access ProctorFree to complete work for your institution, please contact the ProctorFree support team through the Live Chat in the bottom right hand corner of any ProctorFree webpage.

Integrated Learning Management Systems
Currently ProctorFree offers integrated solutions for Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and D2L/Brightspace. Users of supported integrated learning management systems will access ProctorFree by logging in to their institutions (or identified) learning management system. Users will then navigate to their course and begin with ProctorFree through the identified link provided by the course instructor. (Generally, this is listed as ProctorFree Student Portal, ProctorFree Exams, etc.) Users will access ProctorFree via Single-Sign-On and will not need a separate username and password to access ProctorFree.

ProctorFree's Web Portal
In the event that your institution requires proctoring for work completed outside of an integrated learning management system or customer test delivery engine (connected to our API); ProctorFree offers a user web portal for users to login and get started with ProctorFree.
The login portal can be located at Users who login through the web portal will receive an account creation email when their user account is created by ProctorFree. (In the event that you are not able to setup your account within 24 hours of receiving the setup email you can request a new one by utilizing the Forgot Password link on the login page.)
After logging in users will be redirected to their institutions pre-defined web-address, an institution specific login may be required to access the desired content.

Custom Test Delivery Engine (API)
Some institutions may build our API directly into their test delivery or user portals. Methods for accessing ProctorFree through your institutions custom test delivery engine may vary. If you are not sure of the correct process to get started with ProctorFree, please contact the support team through the Live Chat in the bottom right hand corner of any ProctorFree webpage or contact your institutions administrator.

Reviewed the Getting Started Instructions and understand how you will Access ProctorFree? Continue to the Desktop Application specific support sections for further guidance in using ProctorFree.
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